Chimneyville Crafts Festival (December 3,4 & 5 2015)

What a treasure!!! Chimneyville will floor you with excellence in craftsmanship and you simply wont believe what beauty you will see. Prepare to drop your jaw….

Chimneyville Crafts Festival is among the most unique and prestigious art shows in Mississippi. Every December members of The Craftsmens Guild of Mississippi come together to exhibit and sell their beautiful creations for three days at the MS Trade Mart. This will be the 39th annual show!!!

We always look forward to participating in and shopping at this awesome event. We have been hard at work and will premiere several NEW DCZ jewelry selections for you at Chimneyville Thursday, Dec 3rd – Saturday, Dec. 5th!

If you love hand-made pieces and cherish the heritage of arts and crafts, then you are really in for a treat. There is something for everyone at Chimneyville from Pottery, Jewelry, Wood works, Fiber works, Painted Feathers by Elaine Maisel “Feathermore” that will make you swoon, incredible metal works that look like they jumped right out of a fairy tale (some of our favorites by Don and Louise Coulson “Kingfisher Designs”), home decor that your guests will talk about and want some too and best of all, artists to meet and connect with for years to come. Mark your calendar and see you there. It can’t come soon enough!!!!

For more info about the show visit or call the MS Crafts Center at 601-856-7546

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