DCZ Designs Glass Jewelry

Thirteen years ago, Shelagh made a necklace for herself out of hand-blown, Czech glass beads we found when we visited my home country, Czech Republic. Someone stopped her, admired the glass and bought her necklace right off her. This happened several times and DCZ Designs began.

Czech, lamp work glass is renowned for it’s incredible quality, vibrant, colorful clarity and individuality. Each hand-blown glass bead on our jewelry is made by highly skilled artists in Czech Republic. Their beads are miniature masterpieces that bear a unique story and a rich cultural heritage. There is absolutely no comparison between these artworks and mass produced glass beads.

We carefully select these individual beads directly from the artists who make them to bring you a very special selection. Some beads have gold leaf and silver leaf inside. Other are layers of colorful glass all blended and sculpted into visual magic that just can’t be passed up.

If you fall in love with a glass piece at our show, snap it up because we cannot make exactly the same piece again. That’s the best thing about the glass beads – they are yours only. We will continue to bring you the finest collection of glass compositions- fashioning them into wearable art for you to enjoy for years to come.

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